Monday, March 19, 2007

Bill Moyers Journal returns to PBS in April

Bill Moyers will come back to PBS-TV in April, 2007 and we'll be here to greet him. His new program will air weekly. Here is the release from PBS.

His most recent series of programs, Moyers on America, used the term Citizens' Class for meetings such as this using online material that Moyers and his producers provided. The Citizens' Class blog allowed such groups and individuals to post comments on the issues discussed.

And though we have chosen not to include the term "citizen" in our group name because we don't want to dissuade any local noncitizens from joining our discussions, we are making this blog to share comments and resources for anyone interested in what we talk about after the Moyers programs.

We don't know whether the new program will have similar online information but it is likely that it will, including some sort of national blog. We will post on that blog as well, and will link to comments on that blog, and to online Moyers program information often.

Please post comments on this blog related to what the group discusses at its meetings in the Glendale (CA) Public Library, subject to expectations of civility and decent, fair interchange of ideas among equal, free, considerate people. All comments will be moderated by the MoyersTalk group for suitability.

MoyersTalk blog belongs to the group and is not a program of the Glendale Public Library.

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