Friday, March 30, 2007

Feedback from Moyers' producer - The blog matters

This just came in to us about the blog, from Diane Domondon of PBS:

"... this is AWESOME! I also know these things take alot of time and effort, so I thank you for your dedication, and I hope the conversation is some reward.

We're hard at work on this end to prepare for the April launch, and I'm commissioned, again, to get folks not just to tune in, but to talk about what they've seen on our broadcast and beyond. Stay tuned. The premiere episode is on Wednesday, April 25, "Buying the War" which you can read more about here:

Keep it up, and keep me posted.


PS - Keep an eye out for "The Moyers Blog" coming soon.

So, please comment and post. You'll be getting a how-to-post email soon. Keep watching, reading, and discussing

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