Saturday, April 28, 2007

After the First Weekly Journal - Our Post

Here's what I posted on the Moyers Blog today after viewing the first Bill Moyers Journal program. Join me and add comments there and here. - Bill Trzeciak

A wonderful and significant start to the weekly series. Bill Moyers and Jon Stewart in the same room, talking to each other, and to us who admire both of them so much for what they have helped us learn about our national civic responsbilities. Talking Points' Josh Marshall was also compelling. There are others who matter, but what a great start to what is going to be the must view of the week.

Now, like our local MoyersTalkers group, I hope other people around the country get together at a library or someplace in their community and talk about the issues raised on this show and blog with all of us here. Those who can post can bring to the conversation the comments of others who haven't yet figured out how to exercise free speech electronically, or you can teach them to blog in such a group. Let's not keep Bill Moyers just to ourselves. He's raising questions for all of us and wants all of us to share with him.


Anonymous said...

Here are links to Moyers talking about David Halberstam, and this from Christian Century Magazine recently republished

Totie said...

This is great info to know.