Thursday, May 24, 2007

Moyers Talker Janet

Interesting and thought provoking show on Moyer's interview with Bruce Bawer. Strong reactions to his discussions especially when he talked about the judge in Germany who would not grant a divorce to a Muslim woman because the Q'uran allows the husband to beat his wife even though German law does not allow a husband to do this. I find this stunning and quite intolerant to the rule of law. How can this be? How far are we willing to go to be truly tolerant of all cultures and religions? At what point must we recognize that we are a country of laws and these laws must override cultural and religious "laws."

Reminds me of a discussion I had with a very Southern and wonderful man concerning tradition. He had a deep belief in traditions such as Virginia Military Institute remaining all male - it is a long standing tradition he said to me. My response was that they use to bind women's feet in China and that was a tradition. Does that make tradition okay? Are cultural and religious laws really "tradition?"

Just a thought.


Moyers Talk said...

What you posted is so true. I agree totally. -Elizabeth

Moyers Talk said...

What you posted is so true.