Monday, June 25, 2007

Do Lobby Firms Have Ethics?

Ken Silverstein, who pretended to be the leader of a firm representing one of the worst dictatorships in the world and was wooed aggressively by two lobby firms, suggests that they do not. His article appears in the July issue of Harpers magazine and is available to purchasers and subscribers.

(Photo by Robin Holland, from the Bill Moyers Journal site.)

This Moyers Talker found the story quite compelling and was amazed that the firms wanted the money from the fake company so badly that they created presentations to make Turkmenistan look better in American eyes.

Though the two companies complained that neither Silverstein nor Moyers sought their side of the story, Silverstein addresses their complaint in his blog post for Harpers yesterday and another journalist's complaint about his method of undercover journalism today. APCO's response is also on the Moyers site which also includes further information about lobbying ethics rules, ethics debates, and the companies themselves.

If you haven't viewed the segment from last Friday's show, please do and see how you feel about lobbying and its current lack of limits. Silverstein suggests that while nothing illegal was done Congress needs to make some aspects of lobbying without conscience illegal. Add to this blog and the national Moyers Blog-- Bill T.

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