Thursday, June 21, 2007

Libby & Moyer : Mr. Bill

I am tired of hearing about fault or blame or cause of the Iraq war. Tired of hearing what weapons were there or not, or what the President knew or did not know. We knew that the Iraqi president had used WMD's. The world believed he had them.

For me; we are fighting a war. Death in war is inevitable. Our soldiers are volunteers. For me again, we are there in Iraq to support an ally as we have promised to do. We said we were going to help them set up their own government and are doing so. If we flee in shame like we did in Vietnam (with the subsequent deaths of more than a million of our allies) , it will be, for me, a great shame again and probable blood bath.

What is this country coming to that what members of our government did do or not do (Libby or Rumsfield or?) govern what we should do for our allies?

What do we stand for?

Mr. Bill

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