Thursday, July 26, 2007

Comment on 7/20/07 guests

Bill Moyers introduced & chatted with his guests, Andy Bichlbaum of Triglyceride Investments, & his partner, Mike Bonanno of Tsetse Media, Inc. for 4 minutes before revealing that he was scamming his audience. I was not amused. Though ostensibly working for good, Andy & Mike have, as imposters, liars, frauds and con men, done the homework, reported their research findings, planted the seeds & unwittingly encouraged untold hundreds (maybe thousands) of lying, cheating thieving unscrupulous opportunists who watched the show & now know how naive, gullible & easily deceived the American public is, to actually commit fraud, deceit and corruption on the unsuspecting American public in this "greed is good" era we're now living in.

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Moyers Talk said...

Wasn't that their point? To show how easily greed moves people to do the wrong things for society when they only see the money instead of the people?

I was very amused and also cynical at the same time. Satire works on both parts of one's nature at one time as it educates. I love satire because it teaches. Bill T.