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This Week (and last) on Bill Moyers Journal August 31, 2007

NEWSLETTER - Friday, August 31, 2007

"If I'm writing poetry, I'm never depressed." - Robert Bly

This week on Bill Moyers Journal (KCET-TV)

The poetry of Robert Bly has touched on spiritual insights and deep truths about American culture. With more than 30 books, including the National Book Award-winning The Light Around the Body, Bly also became known for co-founding American Writers Against the Vietnam War in 1966. His 1990 work Iron John: A Book About Men is an international bestseller which has been translated into many languages.

Then, the JOURNAL takes another look at activist and philosopher Grace Lee Boggs, who has taken part in some of the seminal civil rights struggles in U.S. history. Boggs discusses her belief that real change for democracy will come from the grassroots.

Read and respond to the poetry featured in Robert Bly's interview with Bill Moyers.

In celebration of Labor Day, revisit and react to our pieces on working in the 21st century.

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NEWSLETTER - Friday, August 24, 2007

"What's at stake is whether or not people can hear local news and information and culture on the radio. What's happened is big companies have bought up radio stations across the country...local programming disappeared." -Rick Karr

Local news is the heartbeat of democracy, so why is it disappearing from many communities around the nation? Bill Moyers talks to journalist Rick Karr and media activist Hannah Sassaman about the future of the nation's low power radio stations, which in many cases are the last media outlets covering important local events like school board meetings, town meetings and civic groups.

The FCC is considering new rules that will govern how much control the media titans will have over what we read, see, and hear -- what does it mean for democracy and what are the potential implications for a free and unfettered Internet? Bill Moyers gets the latest on the issues from FCC Commissioner Michael Copps.

Bill Moyers gives viewers a peek inside his clip file -- the stories of the week he's been keeping his eye on.

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