Thursday, September 27, 2007

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We'll discuss topics from the last four broadcasts tonight. (Rachel Carson, FISA, Events leading up to 9/11, Robert Bly, Mountaintop mining.) Be prepared to join the blog on the topic that most interested you.

Friday, September 28, 2007 ON BILL MOYERS JOURNAL KCET-TV


"Iraq is sitting in the middle of the most geo-politically important region in the world right now - sitting on top of oil and radicalism and sectarianism and potential threats to the United States - as we've seen. And that's only going to grow. Because we have not thought strategically five or ten years ahead." - George Packer

Is there a crisis in American capitalism? Investment industry giant John Bogle says that as more and more money managers take control over corporations on Wall Street, Main Street is paying the price. Named by FORTUNE magazine as one of the four “Giants of the 20th Century,” Bogle tells Moyers: “The evidence is quite compelling that today corporations are run in a very important way to maximize the returns of its managers at the expense of its stockholders.”

While attention has focused on what's happening on the ground in Iraq, what's going on in the area's surrounding the war-torn country? With the number of displaced Iraqis topping 4 million according to some estimates - 2.2 million within the country, along with an additional 2 million refugees, NPR’s Deborah Amos—just back from Damascus—and THE NEW YORKER’s George Packer discuss the regional crisis surrounding the Iraq war and what you haven't heard from Washington.

Bill Moyers' clip file takes a look at the billions of dollars spent on the war in Iraq.

Bill Moyers remembers two soldiers fallen in Iraq.

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Private or Public? Let us know what you think government should be responsible for and what is better left in the hands of private enterprise.

Take a closer look at how displacement and migration has affected the region around Iraq and tell us what you think.

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