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This Week on Bill Moyers Journal - November 2, 2007

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From the Bill Moyers Journal NEWSLETTER - Friday, November 2, 2007

"I personally think that more media concentration and further deterioration of localism is the wrong way to go.” - Senator Trent Lott (R-MS)


Big Media is pushing the FCC to relax ownership rules again to give conglomerates more control over what Americans read, see, and hear. What most Americans don’t know is that the FCC plans to fast track the rule changes and cut off public comment in December. Who wins and who loses? BILL MOYERS JOURNAL reports on the real-world consequences of media policy through the lens of how it affects minority media ownership in America.

“We have got to…believe that what we bring to our listening audiences everyday across this country is real,” says Melody Spann-Cooper, who runs WVON, the only black-owned radio station in Chicago, a city with more than one million African Americans. “Because we said it was real, not because Fox said it was real or Clear Channel said it was real.” The program examines how critics say media ownership rules have shut minorities out of the media and looks specifically at the current moves in Washington to adopt rules that could further diminish any accountability that broadcasters serve the public interest and their communities.

Katherine S. Newman, author of THE MISSING CLASS: PORTRAITS OF THE NEAR POOR IN AMERICA, discusses the millions in America, who despite decent wages can’t access public assistance and are one paycheck away from poverty.

Taking it to the streets. Forty years later, Bill Moyers recounts the march on the Pentagon.

More from correspondent Rick Karr on the future of media.

Tell us about the Missing Class in your community and how you think the country could best serve their needs.

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