Friday, November 16, 2007

Tonight on Bill Moyers Journal - Nov. 16, 2007

NEWSLETTER - Friday, November 16, 2007

“This was an envrionmental disaster of biblical proportions. This was a housing disaster unprecedented in our history. This is probably going to be the biggest land grab in American history.”- Derrick Evans, Steps Coalition


Two years after Katrina, casinos, hotels and condos are coming back strong in the hardest hit areas of Mississippi, but tens of thousands of people are still displaced—in limbo with no solution in sight. BILL MOYERS JOURNAL profiles a group known as The Steps Coalition, which is fighting on behalf of families who are still in need of housing. The Steps Coalition argues that Governor Haley Barbour's recovery plan has made it difficult for the states’ poorest families to rebuild.

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL continues its look at the FCC’s proposed plans to loosen media ownership rules in a report that includes the latest developments in the story. The segment begins with a look at the last of six public FCC hearings on the issue held last week in Seattle where the public largely expressed outrage at the possibility that media conglomerates may be allowed to control more of what Americans read, see, and hear.

Also on the program, a different take on immigration from author Manuel A. Vasquez. "This whole concept of really problematic. Because it really doesn't go to the complexities of the situation,” he says.

Explore the issues surrounding the immigration debate and tell us what you think.

Ask Manuel A. Vasquez your questions on immigration, and we'll post his answers after Thanksgiving.

Read more from media correspondent Rick Karr on the latest in media reform.

Watch and comment on a short film about an area of Mississippi effected by Katrina.

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