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On Bill Moyers Journal December 21, 2007

From the Bill Moyers NEWSLETTER - Friday, December 21, 2007

“Democracy means pluralism. If everything’s religion, we rightly distrust it. If everything’s politics, even in good politics, we rightly distrust it. But when everything’s marketing and everything’s retail and everything’s shopping, we somehow think that enhances our freedom. Well, it doesn’t. It has the same corrupting effect on the fundamental diversity and variety that are our lives, that make us human, that make us happy.”- Benjamin Barber


In the midst of the holiday spending and consumption frenzy, Bill Moyers interviews author Benjamin Barber about how capitalism isn’t living up to its potential to serve society. “Capitalism is no longer manufacturing goods to meet real needs and human wants,” says Barber. “Its manufacturing needs to sell us all the goods it's got to produce.” Barber is the author of 17 books including international best-seller JIHAD VS. MCWORLD and CONSUMED: HOW MARKETS CORRUPT CHILDREN, INFANTILIZE ADULTS AND SWALLOW CITIZENS WHOLE.

Bill Moyers speaks with Sanford Levinson, professor of Law at the University of Texas Law School, well-known legal scholar, and the author of four books, most recently, OUR UNDEMOCRATIC CONSTITUTION: WHERE THE CONSTITUTION GOES WRONG (AND HOW WE THE PEOPLE CAN CORRECT IT), who challenges the nation's most sacred document.

A Bill Moyers essay on what the Mitchell Report on steroid use in baseball can tell us about America today.

And, a Web-exclusive report on this week's FCC vote to relax media cross-ownership rules with JOURNAL media correspondent Rick Karr.

Capitalism, Consumerism and Christmas. Discuss Benjamin Barber and the holiday marketing blitz.

Is it time to rewrite the Constitution? Weigh in.

Preview and respond to Bill Moyers' essay.

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