Thursday, January 31, 2008

This Week on Bill Moyers Journal Friday Feb. 1, 2008

From the Moyers NEWSLETTER:

"It's almost like having a policeman on the beat. If no one thinks they're being watched and being held accountable, they think they can get away with anything." - Rep. Henry Waxman


In the week of the State of the Union address, Bill Moyers Journal goes beyond the rhetoric to examine the waste and abuses of power in Washington being investigated by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

One of the nation's leading experts on media and politics, Kathleen Hall Jamieson is back to analyze the use of political endorsements and to provide insight into what we can expect from the media going into Super Tuesday.

Kathleen Hall Jamieson answers your questions on media and politics.

Power Reading: What one book should the winner take to the White House?

Armchair oversight: online tools for citizen watchdogs.

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