Thursday, March 6, 2008

This Friday on Bill Moyers Journal - March 7

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From the Bill Moyers NEWSLETTER - Friday, March 7, 2008

“Victory is within our grasp because John McCain knows it's never wrong to do the right thing.”- Pastor John Hagee, February 27, 2008

John McCain has won the GOP nomination. Can he win the hearts and minds of the Christian right? BILL MOYERS JOURNAL reports on popular conservative evangelist John Hagee and his controversial endorsement of McCain. Hagee, leader of the politically powerful group Christians United for Israel (CUFI), has been criticized for controversial remarks about Catholics and about America’s role in the Middle East.

Then, Bill Moyers talks about the state and future of conservatism in light of Senator McCain's nomination with former Congressman Mickey Edwards (R-OK), author of RECLAIMING CONSERVATISM: HOW A GREAT AMERICAN POLITICAL MOVEMENT GOT LOST - AND HOW IT CAN FIND ITS WAY BACK, and Matt Welch, editor of REASON magazine and author of MCCAIN: THE MYTH OF A MAVERICK.


Campaign endorsements. How much should candidates be responsible for people who endorse them?

Bill Moyers Rewind: More on Christian Zionism.

Answers to your questions on earmarks from SEATTLE TIMES journalist David Heath.

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