Thursday, May 8, 2008

This Week on Bill Moyers Journal - May 9, 2008

From the Bill Moyers Journal NEWSLETTER - Friday, May 9, 2008

“[To] all of the politicians who get the healthcare that the public provides, we're saying, 'Why are Americans not worthy of the same type of care that you have?'” - Rose Ann DeMoro, Executive Director, California Nurses Association


Bill Moyers interviews international law professor Philippe Sands, author of TORTURE TEAM: RUMSFELD'S MEMO AND THE BETRAYAL OF AMERICAN VALUES, a new book on the approval of coercive interrogation by high-level American officials.

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL profiles the fight the California Nurses Association (CNA) has been waging over universal healthcare. “There shouldn't be a double standard,” says Rose Ann DeMoro, executive director of CNA. “We, as the public, pay for Dick Cheney's care…why is the government not providing the same type of care to all Americans?”

Independent journalist Melody Petersen talks about the dangers of a market-driven pharmaceutical industry.


Read and respond to original reporting from JOURNAL correspondent Rick Karr on disagreements between the California Nurses Association and the Service Employees International Union.

Is direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising good for Americans? Tell us what you think.

Torture and the American way. Weigh in.

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