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On Bill Moyers Journal - June 27, 2008

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from the NEWSLETTER - Friday, June 27, 2008

“We need to get off foreign oil. The best way to do it is to become energy independent. The best way to do that is to embrace global warming legislation. ”- Barbara Boxer (D-CA)


Since becoming the chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Barbara Boxer (D-CA) has battled to put global warming at the top of Congressional priorities. Senator Boxer sits down with Bill Moyers to talk about the state of the environment today, policies she thinks could help clean up the Earth, and the opposition to her measures.

Then, injury rates reported at America’s poultry plants have dropped dramatically in recent years, and so have workplace safety inspections. Are regulators rewarding companies for inaccurate reporting of injuries? BILL MOYERS JOURNAL and EXPOSÉ go inside America’s poultry industry, which employs almost a quarter million workers nationwide, to show the reality of working conditions and to investigate how official statistics showing a drop in workplace injuries may have been the result of deceptive reporting.

And, a Bill Moyers essay on oil and the war.

Policy to save the planet? Weigh in.

Ask the reporters. The CHARLOTTE OBSERVER's reporters featured on EXPOSÉ take your questions.

Respond to Bill Moyers' essay.

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