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On Bill Moyers Journal - August 22, 2008

from the Bill Moyers Journal NEWSLETTER - Friday, August 22, 2008

“Officials said that these games would promote human rights in China, but in the run up to the games, we've seen actually the opposite.” - Philip Pan


With celebrations set to kick off in Denver for the Democratic National Convention, BILL MOYERS JOURNAL travels to Colorado, where tough economic times are hitting suburban communities. Says Mag Strittmatter, of JeffCo Action Center, a social services agency just west of Denver, “It’s remarkable how many people have, in the past, brought items to us at our loading dock. They gave us clothes and gave us food, and said, ‘Here, use these items to help people in need.’ They're the same people now having to ask for help.”

And, as the Olympics are set to close, Bill Moyers interviews Philip Pan, foreign correspondent and former Beijing bureau chief for the WASHINGTON POST, on how the emerging economic power of China looks from the ground. Philip Pan's most recent book is OUT OF MAO'S SHADOW: THE STRUGGLE FOR THE SOUL OF A NEW CHINA.

Is the extravagance of the Democratic and Republican conventions appropriate in tough economic times? Take our poll and discuss.

Will capitalism lead to a freer China? Weigh in.

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