Thursday, September 4, 2008

On Bill Moyers Journal September 5, 2008

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from the BILL MOYERS JOURNAL NEWSLETTER - Friday, September 5, 2008

“It's a hard life being in the military. Once you're in, you realize it, and you get so attached to it and everything, it just becomes second nature, and then you don't want to quit. But you’re never realizing how much you hurt your family and other people when things like this come up.”- Roy Parks, NJ National Guard


BILL MOYERS JOURNAL gives viewers an intimate look at how deployments of National Guard troops to Iraq affect state governors' ability to swiftly respond to domestic disaster at home and impact the families left behind. Traveling to New Jersey, the JOURNAL follows families preparing for the deployment of nearly half of New Jersey’s National Guard to Iraq.

Also on the program, JOURNAL contributor Kathleen Hall Jamieson returns with a recap of the key moments and messages of this week’s Republican National Convention.


Did the Republican convention tackle your big election issues? Weigh in.

Know someone serving in the wars abroad? Tell us how their deployment has affected life at home.

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