Sunday, May 6, 2007

MoyersTalk Glendale post

It's good to hear the truth from people like Miller & Bonini, but the question is: What do we do with the truth in a world ever accepting of liars, cheats, & incompetents, & how do we protect ourselves from them? There seems to be no way to hold non-high profile immoral, unethical & incompetent people accountable for their actions. It makes everyone vulnerable and, because of it, insecure.

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Moyers Talk said...

Bill T. says: Voting would seem to be the best, and only reasonable way of taking unfair power away from those who misuse it, but the counting of the votes cannot also stay in their hands instead of the people. Becoming "We the people" again may be this century's greatest struggle. We need to meet and discuss civic minded issues like this in local groups all over the country on a regular basis. This forum gives us the opportunity. Keep posting. Keep talking. Keep figuring things out.